Pause and resume multiple scenes

What I think would be a good feature is if there was a way to go back to a paused scene without using stop and go back to previous scene. What I mean by this is that there should be an action that says go back to paused scene “scene name

My issue is that I have a options menu with the options “Graphics”,”Input” and “Audio” and in the pause menu you can select to go to the options. So if I press on one of the three options: “Graphics”,”Input” and “Audio” and then go back to the options menu when I press the back button it won’t take me to the pause game scene but one of the three options.

As I wrote in the Discord, in the meantime, you can use layers or external layouts to simulate different scenes, but yes, multiple scene pauses sounds like a legit request.

PS: I edited your title for clarity.

Yeah thanks for the help and changing the title for clarity