Pause and resume multiple scenes

What I think would be a good feature is if there was a way to go back to a paused scene without using stop and go back to previous scene. What I mean by this is that there should be an action that says go back to paused scene “scene name

My issue is that I have a options menu with the options “Graphics”,”Input” and “Audio” and in the pause menu you can select to go to the options. So if I press on one of the three options: “Graphics”,”Input” and “Audio” and then go back to the options menu when I press the back button it won’t take me to the pause game scene but one of the three options.

As I wrote in the Discord, in the meantime, you can use layers or external layouts to simulate different scenes, but yes, multiple scene pauses sounds like a legit request.

PS: I edited your title for clarity.

Yeah thanks for the help and changing the title for clarity


I just want to second this request and it’s utility.

Using layers/external layouts is clumsy, because you still need to stop every currently moving object, store every individual object force to resume it later on, store all current audio positions, store all current tweens, which is a lot of work, for pausing a scene.

To propose the most user-friendly functions I could think of:

-Pause the current Scene and open [“this”] scene
-Close the current Scene and open [“this”] scene

and whenever you open a scene that is already paused, it returns to the paused scene, instead of creating a new instance of the scene.