Pause/freeze the game


I would really appreciate a feature (action) to pause/freeze the game, and other to unpause/unfreeze (just like in NES games, where some of the games just freezes when start is released) - this would pause every animation, timer, X and Y position etc. I know that this can be done with stop the object and other actions, but if it’s not hard to implement I believe it would be a nice feature to be added to GDevelop.

What do you think?

Hi! This functionality is already available:

  • You can use the Change layer time scale function to set the time of the specified layer to 0 and all objects on this layer will be paused. Other layers (for example, with the “Pause” menu) will work (however with Tween extension this does not work).
    In this example, each object is on a separate layer:

  • You can use the functions Pause and start a new scene and Stop and go back to previous scene to pause the current scene and go to another, and then return.