Pause Game event

How about adding easy way to make pause in game? My proposition consist of two things:

  • Pause Game command which would take External Layout to be displayed which would then take control (all scene’s events and “spawned” layouts events will be paused).
  • Unpause Game command that would be used in aforementioned external layout to make game play again.

It’s pretty easy to do this yourself already though…

If gamepaused = 0
All game code here

If game paused = 1
Game paused stuff here.


Set time scale to 0 and create object Menu

This kind of stuff is not too hard to implement.

True, but when pause is an afterthought, it will pose problem and may introduce bugs unless some built-in way to do this like this one would be provided.

No problem:

Set time scale to 0 and create object Menu

Although it’s pretty bad game design if a pause button is an after-thought…

Then I can forget about animated pause menu, as this will need timescale above 0. And menu button may or may not work.

Just kidding…

Good point, I think. And pause everything without set time scale to 0 is a big work to do (save the object’s forces, desactivate automatisms, pause animations and timers) but it can be done, right?

They should work, test collision and mouse over sprite detection has nothing to do with time :confused:

It’s even harder when your game dynamically creates objects.