Pause the sound of the game

Hi all, may I know how to pause the sound of the game when i pause the game? I am able to pause and resume the game but the background sound is still playing when the game is pause.

The easiest solution is to mute the audio in the same event you are pausing the game, and unmuting when unpausing the game.
There’s also “Pause audio” or “Pause music” event but I have not tried them.

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I manage to pause the sound of the channel but then i can’t find unpause the sound of the channel

Can you try Play sound of the channel again to see if it resume from the same position?

It does resume from the same position. However, my game has a few of sound effects. For instance, the sound of a laser and shooting sound. When i click resume game after pausing, both sounds will appear.

I want to resume that particular sound only.

I see, not sure how to fix that yet. Maybe you can use a variable or a condition to play only one of the sound (ex: if player is shooting while game is paused, play sound when unpausing).
It’s easier to help if you post screenshots of the related event(s) from Events Sheet using screenshot tools like Snipping Tool for Windows (after snipping just Ctrl+V to paste on the text box).
Otherwise, I guess it will be easier to just mute and unmute as the game is paused/unpaused for now

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Thank you so much for your help! I managed to do it using scene variables.