Pause / Un-Pause problem

I can’t figure out how to pause / unpause with the escape key for both actions. (I’m using the in-game time scale method.)

I can make it work escape=pause, then (another button)=unpause. But escape for both won’t work. If I disable the second part of the event (the un-pause) it works fine to pause the game, but then of course it won’t unpause.

I feel like I have a solid handle on GDevelop - but this mystifies me.

What if you invert the “escape key released” condition?

That doesn’t work - I tried it on both conditions.

It’s because the two events run “at the same time”, when you press the key the first event run, changes the variable, then the second event runs and changes the variable back, try this:


It works!!! Great simple solution.

Thanks so much for the quick reply. Really appreciate the help.

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