Paused menu appears very small (SOLVED)

Hi everyone, my paused menu appears very small, could anyone know what is the possible reason for that?

There could be a number of reasons. Do you change the dimensions at the start of the game? If not, then in the editor is the does the menu fit in the lines that indicate the screen border (the white box on the black background in the image below)?

I didn’t change the dimension, and the menu is inside the screen border, also there is problem when I change the width and height of the menu it doesn’t change instead it zoom in

May be you change camera zoom for default layer, but not for menu layer.

Thank you I solved it, it was the width and height of the menu, I deleted and make it again, but now I have new problem when I stretched the screen my paused menu and the blackoverlay don’t follow the screen width and height even though I have done the events


Can you give a screen snip of the events that change the screen and the menu?

the events …

Don’t use scenewindow expressions if you are allowing window resizing, as those vary functionality depending on whether you are exported as HTML5 or are building an executable

Try the CameraWidth and height expressions. Just make sure you target the UI layer in the expressions.


Thank you it works, I changed the width and height of blackoverlay to follow camera W/H.