Pausing with game in the background

I am wanting to make a pausing. The thing is I want to have the game in the background when pausing. So I want to screenshot the main game scene, pause the main game scene and go to pause menu scene, and put that screenshot into the pause menu scene. I am wanting to use a different scene because gdevelop pauses everything for me when I use the Pause scene and start “other scene”. I dont have to like pause the gravity and player moving and all that stuff if I pause and switch to another scene.

I dont believe I can use the built in screenshot feature in gdevelop because I cant get the image and put it on a sprite.
The RenderToSprite extension seems perfect but i cant get the image/sprite to transfer between scenes and keep the picture on it.

Sprites exist only in the scene in which they have been created. If you modify a sprite in-game in one scene, that modification is not carried over to a sprite of the same name in another scene.

You don’t need to pause gravity and player movement to pause the scene - modify timescale instead. Set TimeScale to 0 to stop all movement and set it to 1 to unpause it.

I dont know why i havent heard of this but thank you