[PAY] Seeking someone who can help me out with my project.

Hello everyone,

I’m looking for someone to help my out with my project in GDevelop 5 for pay or not, depending on weather or not you’d like to be paid.

My project is sort of like the game “2048”, if you don’t know what that is, look it up.

I really only need two things, one being a random block generator and the other being a combination system, I will explain these more in detail if you are willing to do this.

The reason I’m unable to do these things myself is because this project is setup/created differently than usual, which may require a bit more work to make it function properly.

I would really, really prefer if you had Discord, but it’s not required. The pay can be discussed if you accept, it’ll be a decent amount for the work.

Thank you, and I’m looking forward to work with someone :slight_smile:

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