PC how to keep same size on text on window resize

Hi, i want to create an windows application that is just based on text objects and text entry’s.

I want to be able to resize the window of my application without making text smaller, larger or get black bezels/bars, i cant figure out how to do so.

example: if you are in you browser or notepad the text stays the same size when resized.

the best result i gotten is to apply the “Change height to fit the screen or window size” this allows me to resize the height without text changing in size. But then i cant resize the width without text altered in size

included images for some context
preview of application when i resize the window width, text becomes smaller
sticky notes when i resize the window width, text stays the same size(my goal)

Thank you in advance



The example you give, resizing your browser and keeping the text the same size in a notepad, only happens because those applications “true” resolution stays the same as your display regardless of their window size.

You can accomplish this by checking the “update resolution” tickbox in your project properties, but keep in mind that much like browsers and notepad, this will be true for ALL assets, not just text. All other assets will stay the same size as well.

That’s the only real option I know of for what you’re trying to accomplish.

Thank you for your explanation and help, i will try that

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This might help

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Update on the the solution to my problem for any one that needs it.

This allows me to change window size height and width without the texts and assets to change in size. Also no black borders/bars.