Peer 2 peer unable to connect

Hi, I’m making a multiplayer game with my friends and I’m using P2P. I made 2 previews and try to connect them to each other but doesn’t work. They error says couldn’t connect to “Id”. Here is my code, please help. Thanks

Here is the error

Can someone please help?

It’s been a long time since I dabbled in this, but make sure both devices are on the same network and can see each other (I’m not sure, but pinging may be a good check).

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I’m using one device and opened 2 previews to test it out, does it work the same with 2 devices?

Try triggering the event again once it’s received. If i remember clearly that’s how it was done in the p2p example in gdevelop.

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Hi thx for reply, but how do you trigger the event again. Thx

Pls someone help :frowning: thx

You can try the trigger event action again, when yhe event is received.

In the event where the player text is modified, you can add that action again.

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Also you can try this -

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thank you so much! :smiley::smiley::smiley:

Awesome, glad i could help :blush:

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