Perfect collision masks

I was wondering if there was a way to make a perfect collision mask that outlines all the pixels on the sprite instead of putting points together

Not at this time. Please note that most released retail games don’t do full-sprite collision masks/hit boxes.

For example, here are the collision masks for Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

Likewise, here are the hitboxes for Celeste

Thanks for the fast reply, I was trying to use multiple collision masks on a frame but they weren’t colliding with the other masks. Am I supposed to reference which mask I want to collide with it?

Sadly, while you can have multiple collision boxes, they are still treated as a singular collision mask (as in they’re not individually targetable).

If you want uniquely targetable hitboxes, I would recommend adding points where you want the 0 x/y of the hitbox to be on your sprite. Then create some small sprites for the hitboxes, and use some events to set their position to the point X/Y you created. Then hide those extra hitbox objects at the start of the stream.

They’ll then be targetable.


Oh my God. I love people like you. Fricking brilliant

[Edit: Also, PS, I would love to see the earlier Castlevanias hitpoints haha >.> :slight_smile: ]