Performance // Check animation before changing


a quick question regarding performance:

Does it make sense, if you change an animation, for example, to check beforehand whether the animation is already playing?
Or does it not matter, since each frame is queried anyway? (for cases without using “trigger once”)

Thanks in advance!

To be frank, I’m pretty sure there is no difference. However, you can check using the performance profiler in GDevelop to test your specific case. Here is a test I ran, results may vary:

Obviously this doesn’t contain any other checks or events your game may have, but in a skeleton test it appears there is a small difference. Note “without” is ~36% and “with” is ~21%. However since these were the only events I had they would make little change it terms of performance (as you can see, events as a whole only take up 8%)

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The names on the side represent event groups. Also to test like this, try one version (ie without an inverted check) and disable the other. Compare the % values and make a decision if it’s worth while for your game.

Thanks for your quick and helpful reply!
Your method definitely makes sense, i will do simple tests with the performance profiler more often in the future (:

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