Performance for Mobile Game

Hello everyone!
I’m making mobile game and i need to save all the time some important Global Variables in Levels. I want to ask is this is bad for the general performance or not? And if can’t do this how can i workaround. For Example: Player is on Level 1 and he got a reward “one in a lifetime” and let’s say he quit the game right now. I’m forced to save all the time or we have other solution. Thank you. :grinning:

I don’t think variable actions require a lot of processing power.
Did you notice any performance issue?
The workaround would be updating the variables only when needed, that is, when something happens that should be saved.

Thank you for info very nice ill keep doing every frame for most important ones and later i save secondary. No i don’t sense any problems in performance when i test it out, but now i save 5 or 6 variables and plant to save at least 20 every frame. That’s why i decide to ask first here.