Performance With Large Environments

I have run into significant a performance bottleneck after using tiles and sprites to create the game world. The game has a large playing area and is comprised of 70x70 px objects (Kenny asset pack) all of which with a rather small file size.

The world objects are on different layers, but have no effects. The only behavior they have are either only platform or tween. I want through and disabled almost my entire event sheet only leaving movement. The game starts to background layers visible. Below is what it looks like in the editor.

Below that layer is one that is an almost identically sized. The visibility of the top layer disappears revealing the back once the player is close enough. It is intended to be a cave.

I am at a bit of a loss. This does not seem like an overuse of elements that would drop the framerate significantly, but that’s what is happening. I would like to avoid using a tile map as, frankly, the workflow in GDevelop is awful for LDtK even if it is officially supported. Every time you make a change you have to close and reopen the project for it to appear in the editor, and I like to test a lot. Does anyone see if I am I missing something obvious that would allow me to boost performance, or do I need to really scale back the scope of level size?


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