Phone gap build export failed

Hello guys
I once posted here that I couldn’t export my game to test but I was told that I can’t export it because my system is 32 bits and I was told I can use phone gap build.
So I tried it but it uploaded the file but I couldn’t download the apk as it is bringing error,
Help guys…

Try updating GDevelop or giving more details about the error.

Have tried updating but it it won’t work

Can you share a screenshot of the error.

Click the “Log” button :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have clicked on it but it takes me to another page and displays codes

Can you take a screenshot of that?

It a lot of code, but what do u recommend I do, because i tried to export an empty project with the phone gap build and it worked
Help plsssss…

We need all the code, all the details of the error.
Either make screenshots, or copy-paste the logs on

Thanks a pot guys
I later got it working by deleting some unused stuffs and changing the package name

Yay, maybe the export had a size limit.

Yh thanks​:blush::blush:
U av saved me a lot of time for me