Phone not opening APK

So for some reason my Phone is not opening up my latest APK

it is opening up a previous version but a lot of work had been done since then.
As far i can see though nothing to the Properties though.

I have put in the icons
I have updated the package name and the author but for some reason as soon as i click the program it just comes up saying it keeps not working, no error code or anything, it works just fine if i export it to web browsers.

I am very stumped
Any help would be appreciated

Many Thanks

Did you try to install in other device or even test it in BlueStacks or LDPLayer4?
Did you change the game package name as is expected like
Did you change the game version like 1.0.1 or
Remove al unused assets
Make sure that all events are correct
Test in browser with developer console active so you can check if there is something wrong there.
Try it in Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Brave.

If you want share the APK I’ll test in my devices

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I didnt change the version number!
Thank you I will try that when I can upload a new apk (used my 2 for today lol)

You could test it out using the debug over WiFi/LAN first, and if that works, then make the apk. It’ll save you having to use up the limited number of exports.


Wow I didn’t know that was a thing, thanks I’ll do that

thank you everyone
turns out the version number was the problem

you all rock!