Phsyc best way suggest

Hi everyone … I’m looking for a guide on how to make game objects that have a certain physicality … such as a chair that is pushed away a falling object … like a ball that bounces … and being of a top down must clearly indicate where the shot is coming from the object will be pushed in the exact opposite direction …
do you have any links other than the basic one ??
thank you in advance

The best option is to use the Physics behavior, although this is only for solid objects, fluid physics is not handled.
You’ll find plenty of examples and tutorials about the Physics 2.0 behavior.

that is?? do you intend to use it as a basic one? for instance?? in the creation of levels … of the enemies everything moves or is physically stationary ?? the advantage and only as a streamlining of use of memory resources ??

I don’t understand your message, sorry, Google Translate must be tired. :sweat_smile:

damn google
I meant … you mean that all the dynamics of the game have to be physical ???
where would the gain be? only at the level of memory consumption ??
do you have a well-stocked tutorial to suggest to me to learn well?

It depends on the game, how many objects need to react like physics, and how realistic it should be.
Maybe Physics is not mandatory, and you can get away without the Physics, and it would probably be better in terms of performance, but in terms of man-hours (=time you spend making the game), using Physics should be 100 times faster.
I learned GDevelop before there were tutorials, so I don’t know them, but there should be several on Youtube, and several example projects inside GDevelop.