Physical behavior + force angle rocket

In a normal object, I can apply a force so that it moves in a certain angle.

Example: My rocket rotates on its axis. When I press a certain key, I add in it a force to move on the rocket.Angle().

But when I try to use this concept by applying force on an object with physical behavior, I can not apply force at a given angle, only on the X and Y axes.

How could I then make my rocket an object with physical behavior if I need to move toward the angle that I am facing.

I hope it’s possible to understand despite my bad english.

writing this in the hopes your question will get attention and answers.

Hi Guys,

I’m not 100% sure but you can try using Polar Impulse instead

Angle - For the Angle
Length(N.m) - For the amount of force applied
Applying X Position/ Applying Y Position - The position where the force is applied to the object i think

Hope that helps