Physical Gravity

I want to know if GD’s physical engine features and event execution are multithreaded. The reason is: when I tested gravity, I found that the object still moves slowly when the X speed and Y speed of the object are set to 0. I guess it is because the gravity of the object is pushing the object downward, Then the event has been changing the X speed value and Y speed value. So this phenomenon is caused. Please help me to answer, thank you

No, there is no multithreading on GDevelop (and honestly it is better that way, it would just be confusing for the users and hard to maintain)

Do you know the reason for that problem

The issue is not very clear… Are you checking the Physics linear speed?

I want to know the factors that affect the force of the object in the physical engine. When I set the speed of the object x and y to 0, if the object is on the platform, then the object will not move down. If it is in the air, it will continue to move down. I don’t understand why

Your object falls because of gravity.
The physics settings are in the object properties, in the behavior tab.