Physics 2: Unable to load image

The latest update of Gdevelop looks like it has some amazing features.
But I don’t know if something is a bug or if I just don’t know how to use it.

Adding the Phyics 2 behaviour has a box that says unable to load image. Is that supposed to be the image of the sprite it is attached to? Nothing is coming up? If I add something then it doesn’t persist.

And in general do I add physics 2 to both sprites and tiled sprites for them to interact with each other?


The image you set is just a reference image to preview the shape correctly. It would be logic to use the same image the object is using. Don’t worry about it not persisting, as said before the important information is the shape data (size, offset, vertices), the image is just a reference and is not saved.

And yes, you can add the physics behavior to both sprites and tiled sprites, and they will collide as any other object. You can add the behavior to any object, from text to particles (adding it to particles will just make the entire particles object to fall and collide, no physics particles at all :laughing: ).

Awesome, thanks. :smiley: