Physics problem with platformer objects

Anyone know how I’d fix this?

Maybe not the best way, but may you link a very thin platform object to the object you are using?

That way you have the base value from the thin base, and still can be able to push the objects, being platform objects (characters).

Box is the main shape, Plat_Box is the linked platform for the box.

I hope it helps.

PS. After a little test, the platform may be as thin as .1 pixel in height, and the Y position may be .2 pixels above the box with no problem. Hiding the platform objects there is no noticeable gap.

I’m not sure that would solve the problem, as the boxes themselves are already platforms. It may be and issue with the way my box movement is coded, I will look into it tomorrow.

I think it’s a bit weird combo - the same object has platform behaviour as well as platform character behaviour. I don’t know if the two are designed to be on one object.

Why don’t you make them physics objects?

I just fixed it by making the player attack slower. Physics objects would probably work but I can’t quite figure them out.