Physics Situations

Hello 4ian, now my problem is with the physic engine. I recently discovered it, and I know how to use it, but some problems that I don’t understand appear without any apparent explanation:
One is it:,
everything is good, but when I jump, crash with a wall, and continue pressing left (for example), I never fall down:
The other problem is it: … aalta1.png,
when I fire in the range of image, appear a force that pushes back the well draw men (it don’t want it happen): … aalta2.png

And two little things: Do I can make a gravity force from a specific point, for example a panet in the middle of the map?, or several gravity points?
And: In the “Expression Editor” (the big calculator) =======> “Object Properties” =======> “Object Sprite” =======> “Position” I have “X position of a point” twice, when I choose the second “X position of a point” appear me Y position, only is a text error, not configuration, do you have it or is because I open [size=150]Game Develop[/size] with [size=150]WINE[/size]?

Please do not use Wine. Wine is very unstable. It is normal that you meet a lot of bugs with this program. Use Windows installed on the same computer as Linux. So, do not report bugs of Game Develop executed with Wine.


I don’t agree sototo, because Game Develop on Wine is more stable than the native version of Game Develop for Linux.
Lizard, send your project to 4ian (in a private message) (save your project portable → click on the arrow of the button “save” and select “save portable”)

Do you use Physics related actions to move your objects ? ( If not, you have to use the actions of the physics automatism and not GD builtin forces actions ). Can you make a screenshot of the events that are used to move the guy ?

The men that is firing probably collide with the bullet just fired. To prevent this, create the bullet at the position of a point that is not in the sprite rectangle. ( Use the object editor to put a point ).

There is an action to add a force toward a point ( this point can be the center of a planet for example ).

A mistake in the English translation, I’ve just fixed it, thanks.

Forgiveness for not having answered before, thanks to you I could solve it. What 4ian said was precisely that go wrong, I was using "GD builtin forces’ actions. With some changes and using lineal physics forces (to avoid problems with any kind of acceleration) work perfect, if you want to see the screenshot of events: … evelop.png (The screenshot give me te error 403-Forbidden (I haven’t the permissions), if it appear you, copy the link and open it in other tab.