Physics! Topdown

Hey Ya’ll im not really sure how to use the physics engine for a topdown game.

In this example im trying to make the spear more throw more believable cause right now its really flat just moving from 1 place to another with no gravity or arc. how would you even do gravity in topdown

But i think i have to deal with height or mess around with scaling to mimic height i also want to remove colliding with other objects, so the spears don’t collide and bounce off each other

is there any examples or workarounds maybe not even dealing with the physics engine

Thanks in advance

Are the spears going to keep going until they’re off screen?

If they’re not, and instead you want them to only go a set distance, then I’d suggest a few couple of tweens. Maybe a positional one for the release to end and then 2 for scaling, each 1/2 the time of the positional tween.

Have the first scaling tween go from normal to 2x size, and when that’s finished tween a second one from 2x scale back to normal size.

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Thanks i ended up with this, though it still looks a bit odd its much better than static image