Hi is there a link for a video or post explaining the physics behaviour better?
All I have found is the 1 min youtube video with the balls dropping on the ground, which I couldn’t do :laughing:
many thanks.

What would you like to do? Perhaps someone can make some examples for you. :slight_smile:

P.S. balls should drop automatically (I think) if you add the physics behavior on those objects (if not, maybe you need to set the gravity coordinates to 0,-1 or 0,1 to fall down on Y axis)
Just make sure to set some obstacle (e.g. floor) as “static” so that it doesn’t also fall down.

Remember not to mark the balls as static, as they need to fall down.

Hi Kalel
Thanks for replying, I don’t know what I want to do yet, I’ve made a few games, but nothing with physics yet.
RE: the balls video, when I add physics behaviour the balls do drop to the floor, but how do you make them bounce realistically? mine just stops dead on the floor.