Picking tools for expressions

Basically it would be SUPER nice to have something like


this is just so if i now wanted 2 objects to move towards eachother as the same instance i could do smtg like


I love the concept. I just wish I could think of a less awkward way to use it.

Currently, to move 1 instance towards another I would either use a 2nd object or something long like

method 1 using X and Y

set X and Y to the current position
Set object variable Picked to true

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object variable Picked to false
Pick nearest from X, Y
set X and Y to the current position

Move to X, Y
object variable Picked to false

method 2 with 2nd object

Add test object at obj X, Y
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Obj not in collision with test object
Pick nearest from test object

Then either move the current obj towards the test object or save X and Y and move the previous instance to X, Y

Delete test object