Picture or image not showing up after export the game

I have done with my game project and it work perfectly when i try on Gdevelop.
Then i try to export the game, however when i export the game (for android) and build the apk, then i run the apk file but many picture/asset not showing up on the game.

I have tried to export manually as Cordova project aswell and build the apk, but i get the same issue

how to fix that issue? Thank you :slight_smile:

Make sure in Resources Settings you remove all unused assets, once this is done go one by one for those sprites that doesn’t show in Devices and check its animations

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Thanks i will try it. But what is the “Always loaded in memory” in resource use for? what will happen if i checklist it??

I was also having the same problem and I wasted my two days on it. Later on it was found that the image which i was using was of very high quality and mobile was not able to display it properly. So, try reducing the size of the picture and then try once again, I hope your problem will be resolved.

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