Piskel crashes when undoing + animation frames change order when reediting

Hey so I’ve ran into two bugs when it comes to Piskel.
Firstly, when creating and then undoing with ctrl+z piskel crashes and goes black. This has occurred when the sprite has more than one animation frame.
Secondly, when I create in Piskel, save, apply then want to edit and open it again, all my animation frames are in the wrong order, forcing me to reorder them every time I want to make an edit to a sprite. The order they seem to get in is the one directly under the one they had initially gotten duplicated from it seems.
I have seen people having the same bug issues back in 2022 - will there be a fix to this or should I just abandon Piskel? If so, what easy program do you suggest? I love being able to create several frames and seeing the animation preview.

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As far as the going black thing, i can confirm this, its been like this for as long as i remember.

If you Ctrl+Z enough times it will crash, always, screen goes black and you have to restart piskel, im guessing its something to do with memory.

As for the shuffling frames, i havent had this happen to me, put people have complained about frames being shuffled.

Just to be sure, when editing a new sprite, you do check “New” instead of “Overwrite” correct?

Just to be sure the frames are really changing place and not simply being edited and seeming like they changed place :slight_smile:

If i can find the thread complaining about shuffling frames ill post it here later.

Okay thanks, then I’ll just keep in mind not to use Ctrl+Z.
In regards to animation frames rearranging: I hadn’t checked New no (sorry I’m new to this, what does that entail in comparison to Overwrite?). I tried choosing New instead, saved, and reopened but the issue remains.

For example, lets say you duplicate an Object.

Even tho Objects have different names, they are still using the same Sprite or Image.

If you edit of one them and use “Overwrite”, its gonna change both objects, because your simple Overwriting the old image.

If you select “New” instead, then your creating a New Sprite so the both object now have their unique sprites to work with.

My thought was that maybe you were editing the same image, but since you were making copies, you thought they were different ones.

Im most likely wrong on this since i remember someone else having the same issue as you and i asked the same thing, and it wasent that,

Iv tried recreating the shuffling frames bug but i couldnt no matter how hard i tried :frowning:

So its got to be something specific thats going wrong…

Just for the sake of having more info, can you say which version are you using? As in Online GDevelop or Desktop version? if so Windows, Mac? Any bit might help

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I see, thanks for explaining and taking the time to help me!

To illustrate what the issue is here is a recording of what happens:

In it, the yellow NPC looping animation is that of the flower and the blinking of the eyes. Once I edit the Piskel all the frames get rearranged (as seen on the preview box in Piskel) and if I were to click save it would change the animation frame order to the one Piskel changed it to. This causes me to not be able to change the sprite’s artwork without having to rearrange the frame order every time I want to make an edit.

Info software/hardware info:
Gdevelop 5.3.201 Desktop version on Windows 11 Home on Laptop
System Model Acer Aspire A514-55 x64-based PC (Laptop)
12th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i5-1235U, 1300 Mhz, 10 Core(s), 12 Logical Processor(s)
(RAM) 8,00 GB

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Thats awesome info!!

I totally get what your saying now, that has got to be some sort of bug, i dont know of any setting or anything you can do intentionally to make something like that happen.

So id say thats a legit bug, hopefully a dev will look into it!

Thanks for such detailed info! Im sure that will help a ton!

Just to be 100% sure it isnt some sort of issue with sprites in the project folder causing the issue, could you try one more thing?

Lets try cleaning up the project folder of anything that isnt being used, essentially getting rid of all trash left over files.

Could you try following this guide?

This is clear out all unused assets, clean up your project folder.

You can even make a backup of your current project if you dont like the result, but it wont clear anything important, just left over sprites from deleted objects or experiments you might have done.

With a clean project file, if piskel is still messing up, then i have no idea what could be the issue.