Piskel Editor Bug

I found a bug on the piskel editor when you press Ctrl Z to many times it causes the editor to go into a black screen

Hi Speedstar90 and welcome.

How many times? Any other info? Have you found the same error with other sprites? I just did Ctrl Z 30 times and everything was okay.

It seems to happen randomly after i press ctrl z to many times or sometimes after doing crtl z to many times and i click save in the editor the screen goes black

@Bubble Wow! Really? Here if I use ctrl + z fast it crashes my whole PC! Sometimes I need to wait about 5-10min or restart the machine. And it can be using small images that makes no difference for me.

@Speedstar90 , I opened a similar topic: Piskel does not overwrite the image when expected and sometimes crushes while using Ctrl + Z (undo)

And be careful using Ctrl + Z. If you use it, Piskel will save your image as a new image instead of overwriting.

Piskel isn’t part of GDevelop - it’s a 3rd party product. As such, the GDevelop team con’t fix it. Here’s a link here to report any issues with Piskel.

Yikes, tested it again with another simple sprite, then the undoing started lagging after about 7 undos, then a delay and then black screen.

But the problem occurs just with Piskel integrate with Gdevelop. Piskel “alone” don’t give-me that problem.

Sure, but it’s still an issue with Piskel. It may be the way it’s invoked by that causes an issue with Piskel, but it’s not a GDevelop issue. If it were me, I’d find out how GDevelop calls up Piskel, and let the Piskel developers know that that method is causing an issue.

Oh, I think I got. But what I found today in Github is that Piskel integrated with Gdevelop is a fork of blurymind: Maintaining Gdevelop own fork of piskel · Discussion #3670 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub
So, maybe the issues can be changed by the team of Gdevelop? Anyway, I found another thing about Piskel… There has been discussions about replacing it and now they don’t “really maintain” that fork: Piskel falsely claims file is saved when using keyboard shortcut · Issue #4245 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub

I hope Piskel continues, as I really like the tool.

Just to chime in here to clear up some confusion:

Piskel itself (not the GDevelop branch) isn’t maintained as a project, it hasn’t had any major updates in 2 years, and hasn’t had any updates in over 12 months. That is one of the major drivers on why there are conversations about finding alternatives to it as a tool.

Overall, the separate branch is somewhat of a moot point, as it is (For the most part) just the same as the most recent release of a Piskel.

This does not speak to whether any changes would be made to the fork, but I wanted to correct some of the detail on the above.


Would there be any way to incorporate something like LibreSprite? The free version of Aseprite. Or does the framework not line up?

Libresprite is a C++ and Objective C built tool. It wouldn’t be compatible to be bundled. My understanding is that any bundled app has to be Javascript/Typescript and React framework compatible.

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React is not really needed, and JavaScript is somewhat required, as in it is required if we plan to add support for the tool in the web app in the future. Another language would be technically possible as long as it is open source and we are ready to never add support for it in the web app, but prone to platform dependent issues (which was one of the main driving forces behind GDevelop’s switch away from C++) and a lot more difficult to integrate.

EDIT: A C/C++/Rust program would be fine without any of those issues if it supports WASM as a build target though

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Thanks for adding the context. It seems LibreSprite doesn’t appear to support a Web Assembly build, although that could open up options for things like Pixelorama (at least when the devs for that project feel the web target is more stable).

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Maybe Libresprite has the same problem that Silver explained about Piskel. It’s a version of Aseprite from about 10 years ago and it’s near to complete 1 year since it was “released” that there are no updates.

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It might be worth for them to either create their own raster editor, or simply remove it alltogether. I mean to be honest, there are plenty of ways to make pixel art and GDevelop doesnt really need a dead software glued onto it.

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Although I don’t use Piskel for art, I use it a lot for making simple single colour sprites like obstacles and test objects. So for me, having it there improves my workflow a lot.


I do the exact same thing. But having Piskel stick around will only hold GDevelop back in the long term. Really, they only need the most bare bones raster program for that exact reason. Then, later on, they can add more to it if they want to. Its not a very important part of Gdevelop all things considered.

The other problem is all the threads about Piskel issues. Theres nothing the Gdevelop staff can do to fix most of the issues veing brought up. But a lot of people dont know that and are reporting bugs. Its better to chop off this necrotic limb to save the whole.