Piskel shortcut key issue

Greetings forums,
I would like to suggest a small change to be made to the Piskel app included in the editor.
When I use Piskel online, I usually have my hands ready at O and P. O is the eraser, and P is the pen tool.
However, in GDevelop, there is this new button that also uses P as a shortcut, and it prioritizes over the pen tool, which is SUPER annoying since I have to manually click on the pen tool.

Might I suggest that the hotkey for the other button be changed, or the pen be prioritized?
What do you guys think about this? Feedback is appreciated ^^

You can change the shortcut for it. But, I don’t know if the settings will be saved

How can I do that? Is there an option in preferences for Piskel? I can’t find anything there.

There is an keyboard Icon on the bottom left. Then you can set the preferred key. I just checked and the key changes are saved