Pixel art blurry when rotating

Hi, I need some help, why does my pixel art makes this weird sharpening whenever I try to rotate it towards the mouse? I tried removing smoothing and removing anti-aliasing but neither worked

Is your game a low resolution? (Under 640x360)

If so, this is expected because pixels are only rendered wherever an actual pixel is located at. You can read more about this here:

You can give it more pixels to work with by increasing your native resolution for your game, either through scaling up your assets (resize all of your source images by 3x, resize your game resolution by 3x, so even though everything “looks” the same, it has more actual pixels to work with), or by rescaling the native resolution itself.

You’ll need to adjust your zoom and camera positioning for the second method. You can read more about the latter method here: Jerky Camera + Lerp + Low Resolution - #7 by Silver-Streak

If your assets are higher resolution than that already, you’d need to show a screenshot of what you mean.

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I’m going to try out scaling up my assets and resolution since I have never tried that method before, so it might work…I’ll update whether it works or not, thank you so much for the suggestion

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