Pixel art inconsistent resolutions

So I have a pixel art sidescroller with a parallax panning background and this issue comes about where the artwork for the first layer appears far in the background which requires me to have to draw it at a higher resolution, but then it loses the pixel art look.

Is there any way that I can make the pixel art backgrounds appear to be a consistent resolution with the foreground artwork while still maintaining the parallax effect?

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words :grimacing:
That being said, I think the pixel art look can be achieved at any resolution, by upscaling in Piskel… I mean you can get HD pictures that look like pixel art.
Regarding parallax effect, I think it depends on the size ratio of the various layers and on their moving speeds.:thinking:

So this is what happens in-game. The background appears smaller than in the viewfinder as if it’s pushed back on a Z axis or something.

In the viewfinder it looks the way I intend it to look.


Much easier to understand, now :sweat_smile:
Strange :thinking: my guess is that in your events, there is an unintended size change (scale? zoom?) at some point.
If not, check the properties of the background object in the debugger, to look for a clue. The debugger is next to the Preview button.

Thanks for the help! I figured out what it was. The zoom action I had for the camera was only affecting the base layer, so I duplicated it and set that for the background layer.

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