Pixel Perfect Movement for Enemies that chase the player

Hello, I’m trying to make an enemy that follow the player when the level starts and continues to chase the player until the level is completed. But I need the enemy to move in a pixel perfect movement.
I’ve tried using position conditions with top-down action for that enemy, and also tried the pathfinding behavior.
If anybody knows a way to do it, please tell me the how to do it.

Can you elaborate on what you mean by “pixel perfect movement”?

I’m trying to get the enemy that was moving for a bit, to chase the player

Here is the video
Screen Recording 2024-07-11 181641

Could you screenshot your events or behaviors?

The enemy doesn’t really have anything, because I’ve been changing his events multiple times to see what works, right now he doesn’t really have anything but the pathfinding, top-down and pixel perfect movement behaviors. I wanted to see if anyone has done anything similar, and that they could tell me how I could do it.