Pixi Legacy on Gdevelop

Hi, probably I am one of many ppl that haven’t upgraded his graphic card but unfortunately at the moment (covid period) it’s impossibile to find a new gpu at the right price and if take a look on the web most of the gpus are unavailable… so actually i have a good pc Ryzen 5 with an old gts 250 for the reason i’ve explained…

Just for example as you can see in the screenshot below, if I try the pixi lights project on the web, I’m able to see the light shadow working on the web browser but unfortunately can’t use them on Gdevelop because it’s work in Canvas mode only for me and same thing happen if i try to use all the filters.

Thanks in advance for any answer.

My question is: It’s possible to include Pixi Legacy to Gdevelop for expand the support of it to all the legacy gpu too?

PS: I know that it’s only me to ask this but i think that can help other users also.

This example from pixi light don’t use shadow and there is no shadow on your image.
You see just lights source, and the light effect on purple rectangles is done with normal maps, which is in “progress”, you will find more about it here.

Pixi legacy is based on Canvas, and Canvas have no mesh features, this is only on WebGL, so we can’t use shadow, on canvas, and we have not yet normal map for canvas and/or for WebGL.
Feel free to shown your interest about normal map to the author of this light object with the previous link above.

Ops sorry my fault… I’m talking about light sources as you write in your reply.

Anyway the problem is that lights on Gdevelop web editor are working but not in the PC version.

As you can see below it’s working on Gdevelop Web editor but on the PC version WebGL is unsupported and work only in Canvas mode.

GDevelop Web Editor:

GDevelop PC:

@HarsimranVirk you could help him more than i can do on lights :slight_smile:

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Are your graphics drivers up-to-date?
What OS are you using?

@Gruk I’m using Windows 10 and as I told before actually have an old GTS 250 Twin Frozr 1GB coz actually can’t buy a new GPU… they are all unavailable on the market and if u find one probably it’s overpriced.
The drivers are the last from nvidia but still old cause they have suspended the support for legacy gpu but as you can see it’s a bit strange that it’s work on web editor and not in the pc version of Gdevelop.

i use a pc that is over 10 years old, and it does not even have an external GPU (graphics card), only an onboard chip.
and the lights work fine for me.

You seem to be misunderstanding pixi-legacy. We already are using it. Pixi-legacy allows drawing at all on canvas, it doesn’t make the support of it better. Canvas is simply not as powerful as WebGL and isn’t capable of making more advanced graphics.

Generally, to use WebGL , you need to make sure that:

  • You are using a supported version of your operating system (Windows 8 - 10 = good, Windows 7 or older = bad)
  • You have a graphics card and drivers for it that support shaders

@arthuro555 this is more the core of the issue, but i wonder why in browser and not in desktop.

The hardware acceleration must be enabled by default on desktop.
If you use a eco power mode or something that save or reduce the capacity of your PC try to change your settings.

@Bouh, @arthuro555 Each time i’ve installed Windows on my pc the first settings i’ve changed are the power settings to High performance and after all, this is a brand new PC except for the gpu for the problem mentioned in my first post.

For make it clear my old pc was:

AMD Phenom II x6
4GB Ram
Windows 8 Pro
GTS 250 Twin Frozr 1GB

The new one that I’m actually using is:

AMD Ryzen 5 3500X
8GB Ram
Windows 10 Pro
GTS 250 Twin Frozr 1GB

So the problem there was on my old pc and now on my new pc and seems related to my GPU but as you told the strange thing is that the lights sources or the filters works on the browser and not in desktop version.

Might be a matter of updating Electron, Chromium has surely fixed issues with your GPU which is why it works in a browser which is up to date contrary to the desktop version of GDevelop - based on a version of electron which is a few months old.

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@4ian Yup some months ago happen that webgl stopped working on Chrome but after some updates it’s come back to working…
I’m not a programmer like you and others that contribute on Gdevelop so i trust your point of view and experience.