Placing an object within a specific area (math problem)

My question is in the box graphic below, and my code is below that.

Thank you for your help! :smiley:


My wrong code. :confused:

It’s β€œ50 +” and β€œ50” instead of β€œ5 +” and β€œ5” (why have you put 5 ?)

Surely Victor :slight_smile: , but more precisely, the init area in both axis is: 50+5 = 55, and the width/height is: 450-50-5-5 = 390 (if the red edges aren’t included)

55 + Random(390)

If you want the entire object get inside the area:

X = 55 + Random(390 - Object.Width())
Y = 55 + Random(390 - Object.Height())

Thank you both for your help. I appreciate it! :smiley: