Planning content ahead?

i realize this is less of game programming but more of game designing…

but how do you plan the content of your games relative to target gameplay time and number of players and parameters like interest or interactivity?

game coding has alot of issues like glitch and bugging so i decided to pull back a little from it and plan othet things to avoid being stressed and unproductive…

I use Cosmic Everyday, which is a free project planning system designed around gamedev: Cosmic Everyday by Cosmo Myzrail Gorynych

I figure out what features I want and create cards for them, and then flesh out the cards with more details as I think of them.

Other systems with similar ideas: ← A bit more detailed. ← Actually has you build out decks of cards for your features. probably designed around bigger teams.

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I find this document helpful for planning.

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I get really excited for an idea, make a prototype without planning anything, realise I’ve either bitten off more than I can chew, or I’ve messed up so bad I move onto the next exciting idea I have. Don’t be like me :stuck_out_tongue:

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ah sorry thats more managerial stuff…

i am more of calculating how many characters and design and gameplay needed for a certain amount of playhours kind of thing so i dont ‘overmake’ stuff

i drown in my ideas and try to calculate how to make it then im done and i realize i just finished paperwork and zero coding or product, and then i move on

also dont be like me XD

wow thats cool i ve seen it

but it s more of content type needed

i was more looking for an outline on limiting your asset into a certain playhour thing instead of making it unlimited…? like how much to do for this kind of playhour so on?

maybe there is no such thing…