Platform animation

I have a 2 types of walk animation for left and right. i dont like to make a 1 animation for walk because i want to make shadow in the back part of the palyer. and also i have another 2 animation for standing. the problem is when i walk to the left and then stop walking the player back facing on right. i whant to stay the player facing on left when i stop walking on left. this is my event.

The bottom part when the player is not moving it resets the animation back to 0. I would suggest making an animation for standing to the left and when the player is not moving and last key pressed was left key then the animatin will be set to the standing to the left animation. Hope this helps! :grinning:

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thanks for the help. i appreciate it. i fix the problem. this what i do.

. thanks for the help. i use your suggestion , because of that i fix my program. thank you so much.

Glad I could help! :grin: