Platform back and forth, but only works once

I want platforms to move back and forth.

When i run the game it moves in the starting direction and then back once. Then it stops. I followed a youtube tutorial on this, only i’ve added some object variables to make my future life easier.

I have speed and length stored as object variables. I also just get the current X-position every time just to make it more dynamic.

These are my events:

So, an update, it works perfectly with only ONE platform in the game.
With two of them, the movement stops after the second event has triggered.

Hello, if you have more than one instance of the same object trigger once addition shouldn’t be used because the first one will cancel the second one. You may use boolean to activate actions better. For example when the moveleft tween finished change the text of variable starting direction of platform to the right and vice versa for the second event. That way the platform will tween to the opposite way immediately after the tween finished. Hope this helps and feel free to ask more