Platform Character Animations Not working

I followed the tutorial here - … formergame

To the T

I even added the animations in the same order.
0 - Idle
1 - Jump
2 - Run

When I play the game my players stuck in Jumping Animation - when I run the run animation plays even when you stop moving it still plays.

Here is an image on imgur of what is happening. I’m confused because my file is exactly like the tutorial.


Any help would be really appreciated. I’m lost ):

hello I think it’s a small mistake to correct it you just have to enter a different number of animation.

if you have any doubt / question, do not hesitate to ask

The link to your events isn’t working so I can’t check if there’s an obvious problem there.

Sorry to revive this topic, but this is happening to me too and I’m using gd5 so I’m not sure I understand how to fix it since it looks different from the one on the video :((( I’m brand new to gd and game dev too, so I’m puzzled and if anyone knows how to fix it please tell me,
Thank you!

can you show your events?

Yes, I can but it’s looking the same as the tutorial one. Here it is:

if i do this like you, the animation works just when player is falling.
try do this

do you see the difference?
Same thing in the tutorial

its working

Do you mean putting each action in a different event window? I’ve tried it now, even changed the animation names to match, and now it’s stuck on just jumping animation from the start doesn’t even show idle. I don’t understand what I’m doing different from what is shown I’m sorry :'D

I also had a problem with this tutorial … because I had mistakes in the names of my animations) maybe you are the same bungler as me? check it or show me

I wish it this tutorial got updated just a teensy bit since it seems common to have issues in this running/jumping/idle portion while the rest is going well. I’ve checked the names of the animations and they’re all right from what I can tell, unless I need to use capitalization?
Also thanks for trying to figure this out with me, I super appreciate it :+1:

looks ok.
the case of letters is not important, the main thing is that it matches.

did you fix that?

look at my example

Yes, they are all matching and I think it looks the same as your example?

player moving and player not moving - its a different conditions

But mine has the red circle button on it like your example :open_mouth:
I inverted it like the tutorial told me to, did I do it wrong?

I mean, you need to separate them into two different conditions

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OMG THAT WORKED, thank you so much for all your patience! I guess I was being incredibly dumb and dense and not getting it :sob:

Thank you so much you deserve a pair of wings and a halo :sob:

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:пот - улыбка:party_face:
all that was necessary to carefully look at your screenshots from the first time

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