Platform Character HealthBar Animation Issue

Im making a platform game and im having issues with my health bar, when it gets to 25% health or less i want it to start flashing. Any help would be appreciated­čĺ»
(Below is the Code i am currently using)

Below is my health animation, only the last one is set to loop and is supposed to flash

You can just use Health behaviour and a health bar its must easier but if you dont want to then tell me i can still help i know how to slove this problem

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I would prefer to use the evens if its possible without the behavior­čĺ»

I dont understand the word flashing can you explain a bit that what u really want.

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I want it to flip back and forth between frame 1 & frame 2 on animation Qtr Health. Basically looping the animation. But i have it set to loop and it still doesnt loop the animation

For the last event, try putting a Trigger Once condition. This makes the event only happen once when Health is below 25.

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Thank you, but i got it working properly just took some tinkering
(Below is the code that worked for me)