Platform custom controls (unable to jump in a direction)

Hi guys.
I can’t figure out how to make my player in a platform game move with WASD keys.

I deactivated default controls, added event (es: a key is pressed → simulate move left) and everything seems to be working except for jumping.

When I jump (spacebar) and then press left or right arrow, the player moves while jumping, and that’s okay.

With custom keys, when I jump (w key) and then move (a or d key) the character doesn’t move, but jumps straight up.

I tried multiple conditions, setting jump AND move but it doesn’t work, it moves OR it jumps.

In short: with custom controls (WASD) I can’t jump in any direction that isn’t straight up.

Any ideas? Thanks!

can you show the code!? maybe there is something wrong in your conditions

Here you are, full code!

hi, player has a behavoir? What if you add a run once to w key pressed condition?

It works fine for me, using GDevelop’s platformer example:

Mine looks like this. Make sure your player has the platform behavior as well.

I put the conditions first, it’s now working. Thanks to anyone who replied!