Platform drop death

Hello i just started using Gdevelop 5 and i did the (center camera on player) but when i fall of platform i fall for ever so, how do i make my player die when he fall of platform just can find it?

thank you for your upcoming response.

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You can probably use a timer for that. Every time your player “Is Falling” you can start a timer and when the timer reaches x seconds (5 sec. for example) you can restart the level or do whatever you do when player dies. You can also use this to inflict damage to the player if he falls from a very high platform.

holy c…!! didn’t think of that what about a item randomize? example i have to item one by one coming from the right but want them to be random and change the speed, have them pause in the center for a certain time?

In this case I’d probably consider having a singular object with different animations for each item.

Then when you create your item, you just do a “Set Animation of ObjectName = Random(5)” (if you have 5 animations)

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hello, now when i do the set timer, when i jump and drop back it counts it to so cant jump sniffff

find a solution condition set