Platform low Max Speed count as "Not moving"

I was making a platform game.
And the player can crawl, so i changed the maximum speed from 250 to 50.
But then the “is moving” property never gets true.
I changed the value to 60, then it works.

I see, the “Is moving” condition checks if the object has moved at least one pixel the last frame. If you move the object 60 pixels/second and the game runs at 60 fps, each frame the object will move 1 pixel approximately, lower speeds won’t work.
You can fill an issue on GitHub linking this topic so 4ian will know the cause.
Not sure about the solution, I guess 4ian didn’t simply check if the position is different than previous frame for some reason… But you can do that, each frame check if the old position is different than the current position and then update the old position variable.