Max Speed below 60 don't count as "moving" - Plataform behavior

Hello, people.

The problem here is the same presented by Dogor in 2018: Platform low Max Speed count as “Not moving” - GDevelop general / Bugs reports - GDevelop Forum (

In 2020 another post was made in bug report: Platform object simulating LEFT/RIGHT key not firing moving - GDevelop general / Bugs reports - GDevelop Forum (

Gruk suggested: “The only ways to solve it is to increase the speed of the object (or time scale), or to add a feature request on the forum about this limitation.”

I didn’t find the request, so here is. The request to finish with the limitation of Gdevelop counting a “not moving” the moviments with max speed below 60. :upside_down_face:

The actual solution for now is just to use the current speed expression and the compare two numbers condition.

The current speed expressions were added since those posts. You’d basically just do a condition of Object.PlatformerObject::CurrentSpeed() > 0 and that will count the slower speeds as moving.

As far as I understand, The “is moving” condition is more meant for objects being moved directly by force actions, not by behaviors like platform.

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