Platform moving up and down changes character to falling

Mosaic/Sprite + PlatformBehavior + topdown movement behavior + character over it → Character switching fast between falling and “on the floor” states while the platform moves upwards.

Any way to solve this problem?

Need an example of what you describe,because basically this happen on wrong collision mask or bad usage of physic behaviour from my own exp.

Basically you just explain that your sprite character switch form falling to on ground continuously, really fast, then the character is on platform ?

When a platform IS MOVING up and down, and the character is on the platform THAT IS MOVING, then happens that.

And no, it is no a problema of collision box, it is a simple rectangle over a platform. Nothing more. You want an example? Put a platform, top/down movement, simulate up key, put a character on this platform and enjoy.

Ha, you are moving the platform ? i didn’t understand in the first post. Well i’ll test, but i already used this kind of movement without problem.
Maybe you can correct it with physics behaviour, or just just with platformer object options (fall speed ?) ?

Wich version of Gdevelop are you using ? and is it a native or html5 game ?

Hi, I have the same problem.
When the platform goes up my character rapidly change from “idle” to “fall” animation.
Did you find a solution?


Ok i took a look and i reproduced it, and yes, on moving on top movement (only), i have the problem (GD 4.0.92). No problem when the platform is moving down on my side… i’ll see if i find a tweak because i need it too.

EDIT : Really weird, even with physics behaviour, can’t tweak it easily

How about having an invisible collision object follow the player, make it a bit bigger than the player and simply check collision between the collision object and the moving platform?

If player is falling AND the collision object is NOT in collision with a moving platform THEN (and only then) play fall animation and the same for jumping…

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For now it’s the only way i see for it. But all options i’ve tried on physic/platofmr behavior aren’t working.