Platformer Behavior in Extentions

I want to change the Max-Falling-Speed in my extention/function, but it does not work because no behaviors are available.
I just need the standard PlatformerObjekt Behavior.
I think I have to add a second parameter to my function?
But if I select “Typ: Behavior (for the previous object)” GD is crashing.

Yup crash is already reported :confused:

For edit value in platformer you can use JS Event

const playerHitBoxes = runtimeScene.getObjects("PlayerHitBox");
const platformerBehavior = playerHitBoxes[0].getBehavior("PlatformerObject");


If you print platformerBehavior in console you can see all value of your Behavior.
platformerBehavior._gravity is equal to 1300 for example.