Platformer character doesnt work properly (SOLVED)

Hey there im kinda new and i have a little bit issues with my platform here
i try to make a higher level of platform but this happen to my character.
and it can’t work properly (it happens on some other place to)

it work just fine on the ground level, and on some random place.
is anyone here can help? thank you

I assume the issue is the flashing character.

Does the platform have platform behaviour?

Do you have any other behaviours on the character or the platform?

Why is the character appear to be partially in the platform?

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Yes the issue is flashing character
The platform have platform behaviour
Behaviour on the character is :
-Platform Object
-and smooth camera

i dont know exactly why its appear like that, the first time i discovered the issues when i try to spawn the enemy right there, but everything just fine on the ground level

It looks like you’re spawning the character in the platform, and not on it. Try spawning the character a little higher.

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i spawn the character above the platform, and it happen on all character

and if i put the platform higher, the character just fall through it

I’ve seen a couple people having trouble with similar issues like this recently and for the most part they are able to fix it by removing the automatic collision box on their sprites, you could maybe try that and see if it helps?

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i already solved the problem, it happens because there’s other object platform on the hidden layer so my character is kinda stuck between 2 platform, and i already remove it. and thank you very much for your time and help guys

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Glad you figured it out :slight_smile:

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