Platformer character jumping issue


I’m doing the platformer tutorial from:

When I press the right arrow the character goes forward and when press the left arrow backward.

But the problem is it doesn’t jump when I press the up arrow!

You can see my event sheet:

Please help,

You are only showing the animations. Those are not the events for platformer character movement.

which part exactly should I show? do you mean the player behabior?


if you have the default controls for the PlatformerObject you jump with the space-key and not arrow up.

If you want to jump with the up arrow, use :


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Thanks, now it works. But how can I understand the default controls?
When I open the behaviors window there isn’t anything about control keys!

You can read about the controls here Platform and Platform character behaviors [GDevelop wiki] (I forgot that the shift-key also makes your platform character jump). You can change the controls as MrMen has shown above.