Platformer. Characters fall through the platform

Hello, colleagues! I have a question that arose a long time ago

Here are the situations:

  1. Start of the scene. The character falls through the platform.
  2. I destroy the enemy. The enemy falls through the wall and the ground.
  3. The main character has a “push” spell. Enemies fly away (2 animations, flying and falling). But crashing into a wall, they can go through the wall.

I edited points. But this did not completely solve the problem.(

Here is a screenshot of the points location.

  1. Sometimes at the start of a scene, the characters may start flashing! There is no Flash behavior…


What could be the problem?


Most likely your events. Can you screen shot the events that place and move the various characters? Do you have any other behaviours on the characters other than platformer character?

The main character has “Advanced Jump”.

The main character

Enemy. Patrolling. Sometimes an enemy in this mode falls through the ground.

The “push” spell. The enemy passes through the wall. If he was standing close to the wall. I edited points in the “Fly” animation, then the enemy probably doesn’t pass through the wall.

Such bugs are rare.

There should be characters here. But they fell…

From the events you’ve posted, I can’t see anything that would cause this problem

The only thing that keeps popping up is that there are conflicting behaviours (physics is usually the one that generates these wonderfully weird errors).

This is typically related to collision detection not being properly configured or the physics engine not registering the collision in time. This could be due to the collision masks not being correctly set or the physics calculations occurring after the character has already passed the point where the collision should have occurred. try to check that the collision masks for all your objects (characters, walls, platforms, and other assets ) are correctly configured to match the intended collision boundaries.