Platformer tutorial

Hello i did your tutorial of the platformer, everything is working but the Player when is on ground continue to run…i have put “when player is on floor no action”. I post here my events list. Any help,Thanks

The problem is that you put the event “The player is NOT moving” as a sub-event of “The player is moving” : sub-event can be executed only if their conditions are fulfilled and the “parent” event is executed. In your case, there are no chances that “The player is NOT moving” and “The player is moving” are both true.

There must be an error in the tutorial, it says " Add an event with Player is on the floor as condition. Then, put the cursor over the event and choose Add a sub event: A blank sub event is added.

In this blank event, add the condition Player is moving. Then, add an action Do =2 to the current animation of player.

Then, create a second sub event. This time, invert the condition so that the condition is true when the player is not moving:

I created the sub event as described. How i can change the error without rewrite everything?

Just drag the event 3.1.1 between the event 3 and 3.1 so that it will be just a sub-event of 3 (and not 3.1).
And there are no errors in the tutorial :

(an image from the tutorial)

yep a second sub event of the first, not a sub event of the sub event if that makes sense

Ok thanks.


My english is pretty shtty but i will try to explain which problems i have with the platformer tutorial:

  1. The animation of my character don’t want to flip horizontally to the left while i’m pressing the left arrow.
    I really don’t get it, what i have done different to the the tutorial. (see picture one)

  2. My second problem has to do with the movement of an enemy (see picture two). I don’t understand what means
    “bad is in collision with GoLeft (collision masks”). how could an object collide with a direction?
    Even if it’s still standing? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope somebody can help me and you can understand which problems i’ve got :imp:

Because the left arrow is “Left” and not “Left-Taste” (the same for “Right”).

“GoLeft” is not a direction, it’s just an object.

The crowdin translation is:

_PARAM1_-Taste wird gedrückt

So it’s ok, the problem is the “Ja” and “Nein”, these strings shouldn’t be translated (in the GD source only “yes”/“oui” are tested as true). Just replace “Ja”/“Nein” by “yes”/“no” :slight_smile:

Cool! Thank you guys for your quick answers :slight_smile:
My Character now switchs to the left.

I still dont understand why “GoLeft” is called an object and not a Direction, but i noticed that i can
just type in “GoLeft” and if this works it’s fine :stuck_out_tongue:

Now i’m stuck at “Creating the movement of the enemy”:

  1. I can’t find the “collision (collision masks)”-Option. I can only find the “collision (pixel perfect)” option.
    I think i know what a collision mask is and i noticed the “Mask” button at the top of screen in the level-editor too.
    But i can’t find the option in the event-editor although i searched for it in the events.

  2. Theres a picture in the platformer-tutorial which is cutten on the right side of the picture (see picture 1).
    It says “do 1= to variable goleft of…” and than theres a cut. Does anybody know what to fill in there?

I don’t want to post every little problem in this forum and i really tried it by my own but i don’t know how to go on.

Thank you again for your answers, they are really helpfull! :slight_smile:

The “Collisions (masks)” condition is in “All objects > Collision”. By the way, the “Mask” you’re talking about in the level editor is not related to the collision masks at all.