Platformer where the Cursor pushes boxes

Hello, please can you guys help me figure out this one?

I have a prototype in mind:

-The player has a simple platformer behaviour
-The player can’t reach a platform

  • A hand, which is a sprite following the cursor, pushes a box which lets the player reach the platform.

I created this:

The hand has a Platform behaviour and the player has a platformer character behaviour with typical controls.
The box, however, has the platformer character behaviour on without the controls activated.

The hand can move both the player and the box.

How can I make it so that the hand only moves the box?

I hope my question is clear, maybe this concept is just to difficult to execute.

I would not give the hand object a platformer behavior, i would make it follow th cursor and then sperate the objects like this:

In the code yay follows the cursor and can push newsprite. Newsprite would be the box and yay the hand.

I hope this helps you.

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Using the move away action was a very good solution thank you!!

I also noticed there is the 2d physics engine that I could use together with all of this

I really love how this community is thriving with people that can help